Friday, May 3, 2013

first things first...

Hello! Welcome to "Kind of a Big Diehl."  I'm Meghan and this is my first time ever posting a blog, so please bear with me as I figure this out.
Let me tell you a little about myself... I'm 29, married to my high school sweetheart, Jay, and together we have two crazy boys, Michael and Liam. We have a big, dumb, yellow lab named Rutherford.  He is 10, a grumpasaurus, and my best good friend.  We also have a cat named Wilson.  I tolerate him, at best.
I'm a Jersey girl, born and raised at the Jersey Shore.  I recently moved with my family to the gorgeous town of Greenville, SC, and we are settling into Southern life quite nicely so far.
Interior design has always been my passion.  I studied that and hospitality in college, so be prepared for some creative goodness.  I am always re-imagining all the rooms in my house, and pretty much every place I visit for that matter! I also love making food and festive drinks and can't wait to share my ideas!
I decided to start blogging to chronicle my day to day life.  Mostly as a diary for my family and myself, but also as a way to connect with old and new friends on different subjects.  I am looking forward to feedback, so please, share, and be nice, but don't be shy!
And to quote my favorite Adam Sandler movie, Billy Madison, "Alright, here goes nothin!"

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  1. I'll read as long as you provide step by step for the adorable things I know you're going to share so I can attempt to make them too ;)